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Sourcing through delivery

THRIV Drink Project is a premier Cold-Pressed juice contract-manufacturer in the greater Los Angeles area specializing in the production of 100% Cold-Pressed juice, wellness shots and nut milks. THRIV is a co-packing facility with five automated production lines capable of producing large volumes of cold-pressed juice. 

We offer a turnkey solution for those customers who need us to source and take delivery of raw produce and material. In addition, simple blend and fill service is available. Our partnership with True Fresh HPP allows us to quickly produce and HPP all raw products, providing an extended shelf life for faster “Go To Market” production. 

THRIV Drink Project offers formulation consulting services along with proof of concept prototyping and full manufacturing of cold-pressed juice. 

THRIV Drink Project co-packing facility located in Cypress, CA      |   714-723-6464
THRIV Drink Project co-packing facility located in Cypress, CA | 714-723-6464


We Produce Awesome

THRIV Drink Project provides continual cold chain production needs

Cold Pressed Juice blends, Lemonades, Flavored Waters, Alkaline Water, Nut Milks, Wellness Shots, Cold Brewed Teas and Coffee and other like products that require continual cold chain production... however, we never put limits on our abilities to create innovative products.

Turnkey Solutions

THRIV Drink Project will bring your project to life.

R&D Conceptual Recipe Development, Raw Product and Container Sourcing, USDA Nutritional Data Sourcing, GS1 Barcode Registrations, HPP Pasteurization, Product Brand Label Development / Printing


THRIV is Organic, Gluten Free and Kosher Certified

We've worked very hard to get here and are proud that our facility holds multiple certifications. THRIV Drink Project co-packing is Gluten Free,  Organic, and Kosher Certified!

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Please don't hesitate to give us a call with questions about THRIV Drink Project and how we can assist you. 

THRIV Drink Project

5676 Corporate Avenue, Cypress, California 90630, United States


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