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THRIV juice recipe formulation

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Weather this is your first experience to cold chain production or well established rest assured we are here to get you where you want to be.

Currently Producing

Cold Pressed Juice blends, Lemonades, Flavored Waters, Alkaline Water, Nut Milks, Wellness Shots,

Cold Brewed Teas and Coffee

Recipe Formulation R&D

Development of your product vision is what we do. From ingredient sourcing and blending through trial-ready tastings our R&D team will work with you every step along the process to develop your product.

Raw Product Sourcing

THRIV is always searching for the best raw product and has developed strong  and trusting relationships with growers and ingredient providers.

Recipe Nutritional Information

Using an FDA accepted method to analyze over 170 nutritional components including mandatory and voluntary label nutrients, we are able to evaluate a recipe content, and adjust ingredients to meet dietary requirements. Formulas are analysed to create regulatory-compliant nutrition fact labels for your brand.

GS1 Product Barcoding Registration

Barcodes are created as needed in partnership with GS1, the global standard for business communication.  As a memberof GS1, Thriv helps brands track, manage, and sell products byassigning a unique UPC number to each item or case.

THRIV bottle be inspected to ensure top quality product.

Bottle Sourcing

Your brand needs the right look so we we source the perfect bottle solution. 2oz through 64oz and large container sourcing available to meet very need.

Branding Label Design

Developing a new look or following a brand guide the talented THRIV Design Team will work to create the look for your brand deserves in the marketplace.

Label Printing

THRIV will ensure your labels get printed to spec. Utilizing the best quality printers in packaging, your labels will be tracked by our THRIV team from digital file delivery through printing.

True Fresh HPP

Geographically positioned close to and partnering with the best in High Pressure Pasteurization, True Fresh gives us the edge. HPP is an all-natural FDA and USDA approved cold pasteurization process that helps food and beverage manufacturers ensure food safety and stability without the use of preservatives or heat.

Product Delivery

Your finally ready to receive your product! Our team will work with you to  provide delivery scheduling.