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A New addition to your Health and Wellness

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Health and wellness doesn’t just have to be about diet and exercise. While those are the two pillars of a successful health and wellness program, sometimes you might need a little boost in how you approach a change in diet and a new exercise routine. That’s where juicing comes in.

THRIV Drink Project offers products that help you stay energized while you’re working out. They also have products that help your digestive track while you’re changing diets. These products are excellent additions to your new (or not so new) health and wellness routine. So, if you thought that Healthy Changes only come with Pilates classes, you are in for a treat! Check out the sweet juices that Thriv offers to help you stay on track with your healthy new lifestyle. 


The vitamins and minerals packed in THRIV juices give you the edge no matter what you’re looking for with the healthy changes you’re making. 

Beneficial and Healthy THRIV Wellness Shots

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You’ve heard of the energy shots that claim to be better for you than coffee. You know about the different supplements you can take to reduce your risk of the after lunch crash. You’ve probably read all about how juicing can help you elevate your health, but how do you really know which of these products can actually help you create a health and wellness routine that is right for you?

Well, THRIV Drink Project has launched three great power shots that can help. Each 2 ounce shot contains pure vitamins and minerals derived from ingredients that are known to help people. Check out our THRIV Wellness Shots can help you boost your routine.



This ginger Shot by THRIV is all about digestive support. When it comes to your health and wellness plan, you should always be thinking about your digestive system.  This system runs quite a bit of your body, and if it is feeling under the weather, so are you. If it is feeling clogged, you’re feeling clogged. If it is feeling inflamed, you are definitely not feeling at the top of your game. 

DEFEND 1 delivers concentrated digestive support right where you need it more. 

RESET 2 Shot

If diet and exercise have not been enough to help you lose weight, and nothing seems to be working for you, consider taking the RESET 2 Shot as a beet supplement to your diet and exercise regime. The ingredients in THRIVs RESET 2 give your body the edge on weight loss. 

RENEW 3 Shot

If you’ve been thinking about your heart health, there is no better time than the present to start aiding in your body’s natural defenses. The RENEW 3 Shot by THRIV is a great supplement to your health and wellness program, especially if your heart is your number one focus. This shot isn’t only packed with ingredients that specifically focus on the heart, it also has ingredients that reduce stress and blood pressure.

Partnering with True Fresh and the HPP Process

High Pressure Processing is the only way to naturally extend the shelf life of chilled, clean produc

True Fresh HPP provides processors of food and beverages with the state of the art HPP and value-added services ensuring food safety and extending shelf-life without the use of preservations or heat.

High Pressure Processing is the only way to naturally extend the shelf life of chilled, clean products and is increasingly used in food categories.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a cold pasteurization by which products, already sealed in final packaging, are introduced into a vessel and subjected to a high level of hydrostatic pressures (43,500-87,00 psi) transmitted by water.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a non-thermal food processing technology that allows for beverages made with fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables to obtain extended shelf life, while preserving nutrients and that farm fresh taste. This is due to the microorganism inactivation achieved by HPP which avoids safety issues caused by under-cooking - inactivating pathogenic & spoilage vegetative bacteria, yeasts and molds.

The beverage category utilizes HPP pressure ranges between 58,000 psi and 87000 psi, and is typically applied from just a few seconds up to 5 minutes at refrigerated or room temperatures. Unlike thermal pasteurization, HPP technology does not break or create covalent bonds, nor does it create new compounds by molecular degradation. It allows microorganism inactivation without modifying the foods natural qualities nor reducing its enzymatic activity - refrigeration further minimizes residual microorganism growth and enzymatic changes. Shelf life is typically increased 3-10x when compared to the same product without HPP, stored at the same temperatures.